Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin

Benefits Of Exfoliation

What Are The Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin?

What exactly is Exfoliation? It is the activity which is associated with the removal of dead skin cells found on your body. Like every other thing, even cells have an expiry date. And the result leaves them dead. So let’s talk about the Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin.

Unlike various other livings beings such as the snake who sheds his skin or the trees whose outer bark is their share of dead skin, we humans cannot do that. Imagine waking up to huge formations on your skin, Yikes!

Yes, the human body does its share of shedding skin. Though the process is really slow. This leads to the formation of the dead skin on your current layer of skin. Sometimes, it can be a bit problematic.

Though, to prevent that, exfoliation is there. When you exfoliate your skin, it allows you to get rid of the old skin and brings out a glow of natural beauty to it. Also, exfoliation does a number of other wonders to your skin. Let’s see what is the Importance Of An Exfoliator:

Why Is Exfoliation Important?

Desquamation, the dermatological term for the body’s natural way of shedding skin. Our body needs to regularly shed its skin to get rid of the old dead skin cells. The cells pile up on the surface of your skin. This leads to accumulation on it, which results in the fresh skin cells not being able to breathe.

If our body had never exfoliated we would have looked really vague then what we look like now. Accumulation leads to clogging of pores. This can leads to acne problems and promotes the growth of fungus and bacteria on the skin surface. The main problem is where if your skin is oily.

The process of Desquamation is slowed if you have oily skin. The oil which is excreted through your pores acts as a glue. This keeps the dead skin cells a hold on the surface. Which is why exfoliation is really important. Now after knowing why is it important, let’s know a bit about the ways you can exfoliate.

Exfoliation Methods:

Firstly, exfoliation can be done through numerous processes. You can exfoliate using the scrubs and brushes while bathing. Rubbing your skin gently in a motion does most of the job. If you don’t prefer that, you can always make use of the creams and face packs that have exfoliating properties.

These are generally available in some kind of a flavor. Some of these may also contain microbeads. Try avoiding these micro beaded ones as they are a harm to our marine environment. These beads are made with a kind of plastic and as you all know, plastic doesn’t degrade soon.

Even if you don’t want an out of the any of the above, you can still get it done. Leave it to the professionals. Dermatologists have exfoliating treatment which has a similar effect on your skin. Though be ready to spend some big bucks.

Now, take everything into consideration, exfoliation’s main job is the removal of dead skin cells. Though, that isn’t the only thing that it does. Exfoliation has many other Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin.

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Exfoliation slows down Aging:

Leaving a wake of dead skin on your cells can also cause you some other problems. Dead skin tends to leave no signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Exfoliating helps in the removal of dead skin cells.

Though this will not completely take out all of it in a day. Exfoliate regularly to see better effects of it on your skin. Also, you really cannot age young but at least your skin can 😉

Some foods also help you keep your skin young. Read more about it on Our Blog: Foods That Keep You Young.

Exfoliation Evens Out Your Skin Tone:

benefits of exfoliating your skin

Many of you may be suffering from skin tone difference. Inclusive of myself, my face skin ton and my hand’s skin tone do not match. Though, fear not. Exfoliation does this job too.

The unevenness of the skin tone is caused due to either tanning or accumulation of dead skin. Exfoliation helps get rid of both leaving you an amazing evenness all over. Though remember to exfoliate your body together to prevent that in a future reference.
Exfoliation helps Unclog Pores:

Many times, due to the accumulation of dead skin, your pores are clogged. This leads to build up in them. The build may be in form of blackheads or whiteheads. Exfoliation does the job too.

Exfoliation helps clean your clogged pores. This results in them breathing again and give you an even skin, without bumps to feel. Regular exfoliation helps in preventing clogging of pores too. This is one of the best Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin.

Exfoliation Helps Keep Skin Clean:

Shaving can be a problem. Waxing too. Though, while shaving, you are unable to get a clean shave. This may happen due to the dead skin getting on your razor. While waxing, opt for a chocolate wax to exfoliate dead skin.

Exfoliating before shaving results in a smooth shave which makes you occasion ready. Say no to the stubble.

Exfoliation Improves Skin Texture:

The building of dead cells can destroy your skin too. Feel you have a rough or a dry skin? Exfoliate. It is the best solution.

Regular exfoliation keeps on removing the dead cell formation. This helps expose your skin to the surface. Your fresh skin repairs itself.
This will give you a smoother texture. Hi, soft skin. Bye, dead skin.

This is one of the best Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin.

Exfoliate To Increase Blood Flow And Circulation:

Exfoliation helps in getting your skin a fresh feel. But that’s not all. It also increases the amount of blood your skin gets. Results in a smooth glowing skin. Exercise has the same kind of effects.

Your skin gets a new dose of your own blood. This replenishes the nutrients that are required by your skin to keep you healthy. Radiant.

Exfoliation Helps Clear Dandruff:

benefits of exfoliating your skin

Yes, you read that right. Exfoliation does help in clearing up dandruff. Now dandruff is something which is caused due to a dry scalp. No matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t go away.

Though, exfoliation helps in dandruff removal. It removes all the dirt and the dry skin which usual shampoos don’t. Regularly massage your scalp with oil or a hair tonic to after exfoliation to boost its effects.

Exfoliation Fights Acne Problems:

Acne is caused due to many reasons. A sudden hormonal balance change or even stress can be responsible. Acne is the worst enemy of a Saturday night out. No one wants to have a face full of red blips and go out.

Exfoliation helps in cleansing of your skin. It unclogs your pores. Which in turn also prevent from getting whiteheads and blackheads too.

This is one of the best Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin.

Reduces Itchy Skin:

Have an itchy skin is really bad. Especially when the skins dry and you get the urge to scratch more often. This results in bruises or can even infect you if you scratch a lot.

Exfoliation removes all the dead skin which, most of the time, cause of the itch. It also clears all the germs or bacteria which might be causing the itch.

Helps Skin Care Products Work Better:

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Skincare products- creams, moisturizers, sunscreen, lotions, oils, etc. do their work better when they are treated to a fresh soft skin. Always exfoliate before applying any product. It increases the efficiency of the product on your skin.We hope you like our guide to  Benefits Of Exfoliating Your Skin.

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Applying it to the dead skin is not as beneficial as on a new layer. Works wonders if you follow the advice.

Exfoliation is really important to your skin. Give it the treatment it needs. After all, it is a part of you. Deserves all the pampering from you.

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